Posted: 15-11-2015
《Origami Rooster 》 🐔 Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
 #OrigamiRiots at sundown hours before catching the plane back to London. 
★ Based on an original paper design by true origami master Hoang Tien Quyet. Painted with the permission of the author ★
Origami Rooster
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Posted: 15-11-2015
Great days at Meeting of Styles UK organised by legends End of The Line. Two days. I got a massive heatstroke while sketching it out on Saturday. 5 hours through sickness and pain. Got there in the end on Sunday in-spite of the rain.
Riot Van at MOS
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Posted: 15-11-2015
 Lions and tigers are mighty... But you won't find a WOLF performing in a circus... ‪#‎OrigamiRiots‬

Airborne Mark vs Wolf
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Posted: 08-06-2015
And finally "Origami Riots" EP is avaialable for pre-order on iTunes as of today!
Though release is on 22.06.15. you will get one track instantly now.

Watch the teaser of the first music video of the project below. "Where Clouds Abound" song is available for an instant download  with the EP pre-order.

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Posted: 08-06-2015
Three days on the ladder. My biggest wall in London to date. Thank you Hidden Streets of London who organised the spot. 
It was crazy few days as I had a gig and shot a muisc video while painbting this piece.
It's featured in the upcoming music video "Where Clouds Abound". Origami Riots drops on 22.06.15

"Origami Rascal""Origami Rascal"
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Posted: 18-05-2015
 "Origami Riots" EP. Available for download and streaming on 22nd June 2015  on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Tidal.
Video Production: Trinity Project 
Make Up: Nora Belovai
Photography: Cormac McGloin
Executive Production: Airborne Mark
Special Thanks:
Irony ("Origami Piranhas" collaboration)
The Real Art of Street Art, Blair Zaye, Thayla Hill and Boe
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Posted: 05-05-2015
What a phenomenal day it was. Another key date in my callendar. It's been a real pleasure to be invited for the second time to paint at this unique urban culture festival at the heart of London. This year in a new venue at Tabacco Dock. The music, dancers, and skaters have made it a must see year on year. Really chuffed to be part of StreeFest family.
I knew I had to setp up my folding game. It took me only a short while to paint this origami spider for angles and underlight reference. And it proved to be hit with the public. Especially as I sported it on my shoulder as a pet throughout the event!
Origami SpiderOrigami SpiderAirborne Mark at Street Fest
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Posted: 05-05-2015
When a wall becomes avaialbe, I never say "no" but move in quicly like a fierce tiger instead. Any permanent wallspace in London is a premium.  So when this rooftop was offered by The Reak Art of Street Art I had to swoop in quicly.

Watch out for this new unique design! When Origami Riots EP finally drops the story behind it will be clearer. Stay tuned.
Meantime, behold the size, over 5 metres high! The rooftop on Kentish Town Road not being accessible gives those pictures a real vantage point.
Unfortunatelly, my Sony NEX camera malfunctioned on the day so Gavin Conwill (wip) and Andy Crosbie (2nd picture) saved the day. Thank you.
Titan of CamdenOrigami RascalOrigami Titan of Camden
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Posted: 05-05-2015
Another installment of Origami Riots in Putney, London. It's the 5th time I've repainted the shutter of Dover Flowers. They always kindly let me paint my origami stuff as I please, so I thought this time I would paint something to do with them too. I spent a while to learn how to fold it for reference. Well worth it, do you think?
Origami Roses ReferenceOrigami Roses PutneyOrigami Roses Putney
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Posted: 29-03-2015
Best days of my life. The atmosphere, people and vistas.  A street art event organised by The Hidden Streets of London at the iconic Teufelsberg, a former spy station situated at the outskirts of Berlin, Germany. 19 - 21 March 2015. Thank you Daniel Wood for invinting me to be part of this once in a lifetime experience.
Have a look at my visual diary and don't forget to Subscribe to my YouTube channel. UpNess

Devil's Mountain. Next few days will go down in history. TEUFELSBERG Berlin "Origami Stag" - Beast of the Void"Origami Stag" - Beast of the Void
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