Posted: 25-10-2016

"King . Folds . Kong" painted as part of "We Are Croydon" block party. Special thanks to Joao Charrua for the inspiration behind this origami gorilla based on his original origami model. 


Watch it coming to life in my vlog below:

< King . Folds . Kong >
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Posted: 03-08-2016
Continuing my regular releases of one brand new song a month. It's time to reveal "BLEED IT" produced and mastered by my long time collaborator Bartosz Szczesny. 
This song is available for free download. Well, in exchange for your email subscription to my regular newsletter ;)
Get your download or see the lyrics here

Let me know what you think.

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Posted: 27-07-2016
Originally painted for Dipslacement show celebrating thriving Clare Street that has beed earmakred for gentrification. The piece is based on my piece painted there last year.  
- 195 x 122 x 0.9 cm 

- Spray paint on hardwood plywood. 
- Varnished 
- The wood panel is naturally curved. 
- Mounted by 4 mirror plates at the back.

* For overseas shipment email *

Buy it here

Carbon Man Preveiw"Carbon Man"
Posted: 27-07-2016

Aslan. The beast of Origami channeled. The newest origami portal opened in Penge. 

Powered up by London Calling Blog who organised the permission to paint the spot. 

Make sure you also watch the lion coming to life in my latests vlog.
Subscribe for more of my adventures.

A S L A N. New mural in PengeA S L A N. New mural in Penge
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Posted: 09-06-2016
Very excited to release this brand new track. Free DOWNLOAD and LYRICS here

Produced and Mixed by John Skout.
Recorded by Matt Jarman at DSI Studios, London. 
Chorus vocals by Matt Jarman.


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Posted: 12-06-2016

Another fun day in Camden. Watch Totoro coming to life in my lastest epispde of Skills Are My Filter:  washing off take away from a wall, stuffing my face with sushi and learning to write and speak Japanese. Enjoy! 
Based on design by Robin Glynn. Instructions by Jo Nakashima. 
Wall provision in Camden, London, UK - Real Art of Street ART

"My Neighbour Totoro" A Studio Ghibli Tribute "My Neighbour Totoro" A Studio Ghibli Tribute
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Posted: 12-06-2016

Really chuffed with this one. Royal Proker. Based on an original design by HT Quyet, and painted with the permission of the author. I am really happy it found more permanent home in Tooting Broadway. If you would like me to paint one of your original origami, get in touch. Watch the vlog to see the while wall coming to life. Thank you Irony for arranging this spot for me. UpNess

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Posted: 12-06-2016
 Last weekend of May I was onvited by The End of the Line to participate agai in this year's edition of legendary Meeting of Styles.
It was a very important event for me becuse not onluy did I paint but also performed a set of five songs on the stage premiering my new track - "The Message"
My design was based on folding 100 Chinese Yuans and 1 USD. Watch the walll coming to live and a snippet of my performance in the new episode of my vlog #SkillsAreMyFilter.
Yuan vs Dollar
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Posted: 17-04-2016
I spent the first two weeks of April spreading my new concept which came about by chance... 
Few weeks earlier I completed a commission for One Love community in Canary Wharf and I was left with loads of yellow... (See Below) Thinking about making the most of the palette available, I came up with the idea of scrunched up emojis on a piece of paper. The series turned out to be extremely popular and was also a great study of paper texture, multiple shadows and creases.
Thank you Dan of Hidden Streets of London, Lee of Global Street Art and Steven of London Calling Blog for some of the spots.
Also please watch and subcribe to my Vlog which is part of ongoing You Tube series #SkillsAreMyFilter on my channel.

Lastly, let me know what of your fav emojis you want to see me pain in the Wave 2. Stay tuned.
Crunch  it / Crush it .  Exhibit A.Exhibit B"Exhibit C"Emoji Doubles"Exhibit F"
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Posted: 01-04-2016

Finally Out! 
Let me know what you think, like share and comment both on YouTube and Facebook.

Produced by Bartosz Sczesny
Mastered at The Lab Studios London
Filmed and Edited by Bernardo Bacciardi
Make up: Nora Belovai
Thank you Hayley Connaughton, Nicolas Forlani and Agota Vera
Origami Riots EP available for stream and download now:

iTunes / Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, Bandcamp
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