Posted: 01-04-2016

Finally Out! 
Let me know what you think, like share and comment both on YouTube and Facebook.

Produced by Bartosz Sczesny
Mastered at The Lab Studios London
Filmed and Edited by Bernardo Bacciardi
Make up: Nora Belovai
Thank you Hayley Connaughton, Nicolas Forlani and Agota Vera
Origami Riots EP available for stream and download now:

iTunes / Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, Bandcamp
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Posted: 30-03-2016
Backstage footage from the making of < C O N C R E T E . E N V E L O P E S >
Full video out on 1/04/16

Directed and Edited by Bernardo Bacciardi and Hayley Connaughton.

Make up: Nora Belovai:
Backstage help: Agnes, Nicolas Forlani
Vission by Dessence

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Posted: 24-01-2016
Last night we started shooting my next video "Concrete Envelopes" from Origami Riots EP.
We teamed up with Trinity Project crew as always. Stay tuned.

You can hear the song here as well as on Apple Music and Spotify.
"Conrete Envelopes" video shoot"Conrete Envelopes" video shoot
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Posted: 08-06-2015
And finally "Origami Riots" EP is avaialable for pre-order on iTunes as of today!
Though release is on 22.06.15. you will get one track instantly now.

Watch the teaser of the first music video of the project below. "Where Clouds Abound" song is available for an instant download  with the EP pre-order.

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Posted: 04-11-2013
"I paint. I rap. My heart it an origami cloud!"

Ep is availabe now on iTunes and Google Play.


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Posted: 08-04-2013
Directed and produced by Rahul DeCruz.
Music by B Szczesny
Mastered by Byron Hosking at The Lab Studios, London.

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Posted: 05-04-2013
Can't contain my excitement! A glimpse into the creative process behind CloudQuartered EP. The 5 song track album is out on Monday 8th April 2013.
Recorded at The Lab Studios, London, UK. All instruments played by Byron Hosking. #StayTuned

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Posted: 09-05-2011
Hello World. The video is finally up and away. Over into your hands... Popcorn ready? Make sure you watch in the highest qulaity and full-screen. Heavens Yeah!

Jumbo-jet-loads of love to each and every individual I have had privilage to work with:

Music: B Szczesny

Video Production - De'Cruz & Silvis
Director: Rahul De'Cruz
Camera & Edit: Silvis Samitis

Choreography: Kirsty Diers Trindade
Dancers: Rebecca Ostman, Rachael Ostman, Charlie Steer, Sarah Wright and Anna Harris.

A.I.R 'Beyond Midnight' comes from "Six Folds and A Throw" EP.

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Posted: 06-04-2011
Yo-Ness. Come aboard and take a look behind the making of the latest video. Exciting times.
Last week we shot Day 2 of A.I.R 'Beyond Midnight' Remix. I'm so honored and blessed to work with amazingly talented creatives who happen to be my friends... Cloud 9 Lyfe.

More pictures in the gallery here !

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Posted: 04-02-2011
At the end of January I was approached by a group of passionate campaigners from Climb4Freedom to produce a suitable background for an event raising awareness of modern day slavery. Yes, you've read it right. Modern day slavery... Did you know that as we speak there are 27 million people globally being held captive for exploitation, ie. prostitution... 

Anyways, in their own words "Climb 4 Freedom is a an ambitious expedition to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, 5895 m, by a group of ordinary girls attempting to do an extraordinary thing to stand together IN UNITY against Human Trafficking." All the proceeds from the climb will ultimately found  "a rescue and rehabilitation shelter in Europe" run by The A21 Campaign

The art, created by your favourite Aerosol Aerobatics Aficionado and my crew-mate DanK, depicts the journey from despair to hope, from entrapment to freedom of women in bondage. The walls you see in the video are already gone but thankfully all the canvases were successfully auctioned off on the night. Now it's over to you girls. Good luck as you scale the looming mountain in few weeks' time.


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