Posted: 06-06-2017
The latesst addition to London streets. Organised by London Calling Blog Murals, the new piece is the third one in the area.
As always, based on my original money origami design out of £20 GBP.

To make it more interesting and challenging to paint for myself, I cast different coloured lights on my origami models.
Hence the red tint on the finished piece.
And as usual, the whole process was captured in video below from designing and folding process to photographing and finally painting it.
£20 GBP Cow Reference  C A £ H C O W C A £ H C O W
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Posted: 10-02-2013
Snake, what snake?! Someone please tell the Chinese people they got it all wrong... It's the #YearOfThePaperPlane !

The rumour has it that it's the Year Of The Paper Plane... Street talk... In context... Taking over the world one Paper Plane at a time...
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