Posted: 02-03-2018
Recently, I designed an origami moth which turned out sligtly otherworldly - so much so I called it Mothra - The Fairy Moth. Folds, strokes and flames. Latest model is gone but the new mural is up... Mothra the Fairy Moth. Watch the new adventure below. Don't forget to sybscribe to my youTube Channel. 
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Posted: 02-03-2018
Love letters... Cut them out, scrunch them up....Not origami yet still working in my medium of choice. It's all about the paper after all. Multiple colour shadows. Texture. Very tehcnical. It was a great exercise to paint black paper in dramatic lightning like this. This one is something different than you usually see in my work on the streets.
But if you have followed me long enough you might remember me coming up with this style 2 years ago. First and foremost I'm passionate about painting paper and I've set my heart to master this medium in many forms but I've limited the cut out letters to commissions for the time being. As always I'm ahead of myslef and people don't see the connection between my origami and this scrunched up style. It's fine. It's a great exercise regardless. Beast of Origamia a will resume shortly... What animal in black paper would you like to see soon?

  One Love VS AM 2 W
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Posted: 02-03-2018
Heart . Of . Mine - Newest Origami Portal activated in Penge... Part of Celebration of London Calling Blog annual jam. 
  Winged Heart Reference.Winged Heart
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Posted: 02-03-2018
Just in time for winter holidays. Five armed paper magic. It dimmed as soon as it lit up in heart of East London.

Origami StarOrigami Star
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Posted: 02-03-2018
Release the wolf. Will you hide or run? ? W o L F . I . A M ? Latest beast of Origamia spotted roaming London streets. Part of the project "Love Lane" with Lodnon Calling Blog. As always captured in the bvideo from folds to the wall. 

Wolf. I . AMWolf. I . AM
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Posted: 06-06-2017
The latesst addition to London streets. Organised by London Calling Blog Murals, the new piece is the third one in the area.
As always, based on my original money origami design out of £20 GBP.

To make it more interesting and challenging to paint for myself, I cast different coloured lights on my origami models.
Hence the red tint on the finished piece.
And as usual, the whole process was captured in video below from designing and folding process to photographing and finally painting it.
£20 GBP Cow Reference  C A £ H C O W C A £ H C O W
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Posted: 10-02-2013
Snake, what snake?! Someone please tell the Chinese people they got it all wrong... It's the #YearOfThePaperPlane !

The rumour has it that it's the Year Of The Paper Plane... Street talk... In context... Taking over the world one Paper Plane at a time...
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