Posted: 31-01-2015
OverCast from "CloudQuartered EP"

Available on:
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Posted: 03-01-2015
《 O R I G A M I . R I O T S . EP 》 in the making! Getting there closer and closer!
Byron Hosking and Bartosz Szczesny are responsible for production of most of the tracks.

Out in February 2015

Byron Hoskint at The Lab Studions, LondonBartosz Szczesny at work. Can't wait for to relese the album
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Posted: 16-04-2014
As I am currently busy recording my next EP, I have been performing in London here and there. No rest!

Follow me on Twitter to learn about any upcoming shows @AirborneMark

Have you heard CloudQuartered EP yet? Grab or stream it on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, SoundCloud and BandCamp.
Filthy's HollowayFilthy'sInspiral Lounge
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Posted: 27-02-2014
New EP in the making. Back to The Lab Studios London, of course. No rest! Stay Tuned.
New Session!
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Posted: 06-01-2014
And we are officially uppity up!
Today we've started working on my new record!!! Teaming up again with my favourite producer Byron Hosking at my favourite London studio - The Lab Studios ★ Stay tuned! ★ Title and Release date TBA ★
New Year / New Record
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Posted: 03-09-2013
Just to let you know that CloudQuartered EP is NOW available on ★ ITunes & Google Play

"Cloudscapes are for dreamers and their contemplation benefits the soul."

Produced by Byron Hosking at The Lab Studios UK. Support Independent Music.
I'd love to hear form you, let me know how you like the record! #UpNess

"CloudQuartered Ep" - iTunes and Google Play Release
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Posted: 08-04-2013
CouldQuartered EP

Clear blue skies are well overrated...

Having sunshine overhead day in and day out would be rather monotonous...

Clouds are Nature's poetry to be read like a person's countenance...

Cloudscapes are for dreamers and their contemplation benefits the soul...*


Look up, Airborne Mark is back with his latest music release.

The new EP comprises five cloud themed songs which cover very down to earth aspects of journeying through life. Relationships, identity and perseverance are the subject matter that echoes strongly throughout the record. Narrated from author’s perspective in a reflective spoken word manner.

The EP was recorded over five months mostly at The Lab Studios under production of London based Australian musician Byron Hosking. Each track meticulously layered with live instruments create perfect musical landscape for Airborne Mark's narration. Vintage synths, piano and the electric guitar proved to be perfect tools for Byron Hosking to capture energy and emotion of each track.

CloudQuartered EP also features a song produced by B Szczesny (of Rebeka, Brennnessel), a long time Airborne Mark's collaborator, and is released with BeyondNess video produced by Rahul DeCruz.
Cover photography by Cormac McGloin, design by Dan Kitchener.

Download, comment, like and share!

 Where are my Cloud-Spotters at?

* The Manifesto by The Cloud Appreciation Society


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Posted: 14-02-2013
A milestone! Just wrapped up the last session with Byron Hosking at The Lab Studios in Clapham North. With the video and music files uploaded online and set on priviate, I am closer than ever to announcing the release date. I'm still working on the artwork for the cover so once it's ready, I'll break the newa. #StayTUNED
A milestone! #CloudQuartered EP is officially finished at the stroke of midnight...
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Posted: 10-02-2013
Despite my recent chest infections and some financial delays CloudQuartered EP is wrapped up and ready for the final master! The last few months have been an amazing time. The first official music video BeyondNess is being uploaded to Vimeo as I'm typing this post... I'm sill working on the cover art though. Thank you The Lab Studios for having me. A release date is closer than ever. Stay Tuned!

CloudQuartered EP
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Posted: 12-12-2012
So the recording of the upcoming EP continues... And as usual I landed again at my favourite Lab Recording Studios in Clapham North. We are already 3 songs in. Only one more track left to finalise CloudQuartered EP. Can't wait to share it with you all!

Not only am I excited about this new project because it's long overdue but also because of the fact that Byron Hosking is producing it. Such a massive privilege to work with a talent of this magnitude. Anyways, I'm aiming to release the EP at the end of the January 2012 with a premiere of a music video that has already been shot. STAY TUNED!
Studio Time

My accent so heavy... it stings your ears...
A little break in recording #origami #scorpion
Origami Scorpion
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