Posted: 11-09-2014
Last weekend I went to paint at City of Colours in Birmingham.
The festival site was huge and I endeded up painting at Custard Factory.
Line-up, audience and organisation was beyond fantastic.
Those few days were amazing to wrap-up "Origami Riots Summer  2014 Tour"
Thank you for the invite.
Top two work in progress pictures by MonoPrixx of UrbanNerding.

City of ColoursCity of ColoursCity of ColoursCity of Colours
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Posted: 11-09-2014
What a busy summer it has been!
In the last week of August I visited Poland and found this amazing location.
With little paint and time I quickly came up with my latest origami animal.
What I love about this Origami Beaver is the location.
I like how it interacts with the surroundings.
I took some great pictures and also made a youtube video of the day.
Subscribe to my YT channel as I will be making more graff shorts.
Dark and WetTunnel Vison 2Origami BeaverOrigami Beaver
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Posted: 04-08-2014
★☆ Origami Unicorn ☆★ painted as part of @SclaterStreetStalls off Bricklane. Amazing vibes. Definitely worth checking out every other Saturday. By the way this magical creature is looking for home. Sale enquiries via

Bringing some magic to Sclater street off BricklaneOrigami Unicorn
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Posted: 25-07-2014
Second year in the row I was invited to paint at WXSP Rise of Non-Conformists 2014 located in the heart of London.
WXSP in an annual two day event celebrating local traders and artists making this area one of a kind community hubs in the heart of the city.
Thank you Teddy Baden for making it happen again. Definitely, this independent festival makes one of the highlight of my summer.
Origami Ram WXSP 2014
Photo by Inspiring City
Origami Ram at WXSP 2014
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Posted: 25-07-2014
I have just completed a five metre high mural off Peckham Rye High Street in London. It's a collaboration with Vanesa Longchamp. It took us few days to complete mostly due to logistics .ie, doing some daring stunts as you can see on the picture below...   All in all, it was fun to paint especially due to amazing weather and great attitude of local traders.

"Forest Guardians of the Girl with a Glass heart""Forest Guardians of the Girl with a Glass heart"
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Posted: 09-07-2014
Another hidden gem on London streets. Go and find it! #OrigamiRiots

Origami ChameleonOrigami Chameleon
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Posted: 09-07-2014
On the first weekend of June, a long time collaborator, Upfest Gallery in Bristol invited me to be part of the street art expose at Volksfest Fesival on Wasgingpool Farm in Easter Compton.
I loved the idea of camping and painting. And for me, summer doesn't get better than that...
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Posted: 09-07-2014
"Origami Crow" Thank you Upfest and VolksFest for having me. I look forward to coming agian next year.Origami Crow

Origami Crow
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Posted: 07-07-2014
Pimp my Ride! Recently Rust Bucket Workshop has invited me to paint this classic Routemaster double decker in Gloucester.  Since Rust Bucket Workshop is mostly known for amazing robot sculptures from a scrap metal, it took me no time to decide to paint Bert the ROBOT...
The Rusty Alexnader project is a travelling exhibition visiting festivals across the UK. Also I am exhibiting few original canvases on board, of course. I will post them shortly. Meanwhile, catch the Rusty on the festival near you.

Background on the bus is a collaborative efforts from  My Dog Sighs, Kazland and Beastie.

Bert The RobotBert The Robot
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Posted: 17-05-2014
Graffiti jam in celebration of Captain Kris with Global Street Art off Brick Lane. Feeling my "Origami Rascal" - Balaclava swag. More to come!
Close UpCaptain Kris BirthMas JamCaptain Kris BirthMas Jam
Last Photo by @InspiringCity
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