Posted: 16-04-2014
Undisclosed location! I think I took the anual dosage of asbestos exposure in few hours I painted it!
missionIncy Wincy SpiderIncy Wincy Spider
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Posted: 16-04-2014
Probably my favourite deer I painted ever ;) Hidden location. Go and find this gem.
StuffThree Eyes"Deer Trophy"
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Posted: 16-04-2014
And again I have been invited by The Real Art of Street Art to be part of a hidden art trail at Camden Lock Market.
The hut can be seen from 7 till 9:30 AM and after 7:30 PM (outside business hours).
It was challenging to paint the hut over few veary early mornings, but it was so worth it. My fav trophy so far!

Origami Bear"Origami Grizzly Bear Trophy"
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Posted: 18-03-2014
"I am not an origami-man, I am ORIGAMI, man"

Yet again I had a great fun painting with Global Street Art for #WallsProject on Grimsby Street, off Bricklane. Thanks for getting me involved.
Anyhow, the weekend was absolutely fantastic and could not have asked for better weather, it was a trully full blown summer in March.Brick Lane...PeekabooIm NOT an origami-man. I AM Origami, man!Origami Riots
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Posted: 27-02-2014
And there it is. Origami Shark on the loose on Hackney Road, London. Really pleased with it.
My most realistic paper folds to date.
Space provided by Art Under The Hood project.

Also below, my first attempt at a long exposure night shot with my new camera Sony Nex-6. On it. #OrigamiRiots landing on Hackney Road todayOrigami SharkNight night...
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Posted: 27-02-2014
A bit of conceptual piece. 4D. Probably the best rubbish bin painted ever by Irony! Origami Fox on the right, of course.
                    "This is Rubbish!" CollabThis is Rubbish
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Posted: 06-02-2014
On the prowl. When I howl, I only howl to an Origami moon. Nine hours on the ladder.

Inspired by Atmosphere, Became, from Family Sign LP

"With no sign of death, no sign of struggle
No signs of blood, no signs of trouble
And the wolves never stopped
The tracks kept going and I took off
So I don't know how your story ends
But I know I'll never go into those woods again."
On it...Details...Origami Wolf / Origami Moon
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Posted: 28-01-2014
★★★ I Came Here To Riot! ★★★ As predicted, the new theme is unfolding rather nicely. Origami Moose Trophy. 10 hours in the the making. The most complicated and layered piece to date. Leake Street.
★ I do my own stunts ★"Third Eye"Origami Rascal
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Posted: 06-01-2014
My Xmas break. Undisclosed location... Video coming soon!

Too Whit Too WhoooRather Darkorigami OwlOrigami OwlOrigami Deer TrophyOrigami Deer Trophy
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Posted: 15-12-2013
We have been invited by The Real Art of Street Art to paint a 9x3m spot at Camden Lock Market.
After some brainstorming IRONY and I came up with this concept of Battle of Styles.
Really pleased with my Origami Unicorn battling a superb character by Irony. Gotta love the battle cone! #OrigamiRiots
Origami UnicornUnicornCamden TownThe Battle of Styles
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