Posted: 04-02-2017
These days I have been folding almost every day. Some designs go straight to trash some of them come out alright. 
Here's the latest result.
Alien OverlordAlien OverlordAlien OverLord
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Posted: 04-02-2017

Starting 2k17 strong. My best folds to date. Watch the dog coming to life from folds to wall in the new video below. I trully enjoyed folding the dog then painting it in this amazing abandoned location in Soho.
Painted as part of The BrokeDown Palace Jam organised by London Calling blog.

Origami Dog Reference
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Posted: 04-02-2017

Latest addition to my scrunched-up emojis on a Post-it note... 

Sorry, but nobody is coming down the chimney. Eat the cookies and drink the milk...
Have a good one everyone! UpNess


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Posted: 22-11-2016
I painted this Buffalo Bill mural in Shoreditch, London a while ago but it's still one of my favourite money origami pieces. Especially that it echoes the current situation in North Dakota and the awful treatment of Native Americans and exploitation of our natural resources.
The response to the original mural keeps surprising me and has been great. It keeps resurfacing on the internet, so I decided to immortalise it in print even though the original piece is long gone. I have also just put a video together to show you the buffalo coming to life. Most importantly,  I will also give 15% of the print profits to Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund to support the legal defense of warriors protecting land, water, and human rights.

Buy it here!

Buffalo Bill Print Release

Buffalo Bill Print Release

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Posted: 22-11-2016
 Another scruch up Post-it note in a emoji series. Camden, London. 
Unicorn CamdenUnicorn Details CamdenPaper Star 3
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Posted: 25-10-2016
From folding petals to walls. Original design out five 5 GBP notes. Watch the origami rose come to life in my latest vlog below:

R O S £
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Posted: 25-10-2016
Latest vlog is out now - "Few Days of Summer" studio times and painting King Fold Kobrah off the beaten track.

King Fold Kobrah
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Posted: 25-10-2016

"King . Folds . Kong" painted as part of "We Are Croydon" block party. Special thanks to Joao Charrua for the inspiration behind this origami gorilla based on his original origami model. 


Watch it coming to life in my vlog below:

< King . Folds . Kong >
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Posted: 03-08-2016
Continuing my regular releases of one brand new song a month. It's time to reveal "BLEED IT" produced and mastered by my long time collaborator Bartosz Szczesny. 
This song is available for free download. Well, in exchange for your email subscription to my regular newsletter ;)
Get your download or see the lyrics here

Let me know what you think.

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Posted: 27-07-2016
Originally painted for Dipslacement show celebrating thriving Clare Street that has beed earmakred for gentrification. The piece is based on my piece painted there last year.  
- 195 x 122 x 0.9 cm 

- Spray paint on hardwood plywood. 
- Varnished 
- The wood panel is naturally curved. 
- Mounted by 4 mirror plates at the back.

* For overseas shipment email *

Buy it here

Carbon Man Preveiw"Carbon Man"

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