Airborne Mark - Painting Songs, Singing Pictures For Eternity & Beyond.

Airborne Mark Bio Photo 2013Welcome to the where-clouds-abound world of Airborne Mark. For some a man of many guises, for others a life cherishing artist who refuses to settle for the mundane. A graffiti artist by day, a rapper by night. As the beauty and complexity of life cannot always be translated into one artistic medium, Airborne Mark alternates easily between the sound and the picture. When asked to summarise his eclectic exploits he replies: “At times I find it much easier to take to the pen to express certain ideas and emotions. Then other times, they simply fit better encapsulated in pictures rather than words.“ Hence his household adage: Painting Songs, Singing Pictures For Eternity and Beyond.

Airborne Mark has been very active on the graffiti and street art scene in the UK for over 9 years. However, his journey with spray paint started in 1995 in Poland, where he comes from. He is particularly know for his bold origami theme and signature character Pilot, which also became his secondary moniker. The fanciful character is often accompanied by a flurry of paper planes and other origami figures. Narrative driven and large in scale, each mural reveals yet another chapter from the artist’s imaginary world called “Origamia.”.
Inspired by the ephemeral beauty of the man-made flight, his art also oscillates within the theme of gallant airmen, whimsical flying machines and robots.
Airborne Mark
exhibits works in galleries and takes part in major art festivals. His commission based aerosol art can be found on shutters, walls and vehicles across London and beyond.

Airborne Mark debuted with Six Folds and a Throw” in 2010. The six track long EP entirely composed and produced by Bartosz Sczesny (of Rebeka fame) tells the story of an upcoming artist from am immigrant’s point of view. The predominant theme is that of being a primary school teacher and a spoken word artist with an unique accent finding his place of belonging.

Two years later. Or rather, many shows and festivals later on 8th April 2013 Airborne Mark releases independently his second EP “CloudQuartered.” ( Official Press Release Below)

Airborne Mark is currently workig on his new music release Origami Riots EP to premiere in Spring 2015.

Quartered EP Official Press Release 

Clear blue skies are well overrated...
Ironically, having sunshine overhead day in and day out would be rather monotonous.
Clouds are Nature's poetry to be read like a person's countenance...
Cloudscapes are for dreamers and their contemplation benefits the soul...*

Look up, Airborne Mark is back with his latest release!

The new EP comprises five cloud themed songs which cover very down to earth aspects of journeying through life. Relationships, identity and perseverance are the subject matter that echoes strongly throughout the record. Narrated from author’s perspective in a reflective spoken word manner.

The EP was recorded over five months mostly at The Lab Studios under production of London based Australian musician Byron Hosking. Each track meticulously layered with live instruments create perfect musical landscape for Airborne Mark's narration. Vintage synths, piano and the electric guitar proved to be perfect tools for Byron Hosking to capture energy and emotion of each track.

CloudQuartered EP also features a song produced by B Szczesny (Rebeka, Brennnessel), a long time Airborne Mark's collaborator, and is released with BeyondNess video produced by Rahul DeCruz.

Where are my Cloud-Spotters at?

*Inspired by The Cloud Appreciation Society's Manifesto

CloudQuartered EP is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, BandCamp and Amazon.


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